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Susy Mi Kwang
Susy Mi Kwang

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MensagemAssunto: Rules   Rules I_icon_minitimeSeg Jul 16, 2012 10:41 am

Hello, here is the staff of Cover.Entertainmant.

We created this page permanently in order to help everybody to find, so anything that was misunderstood, send us a comment in this post, because your question may be the others too.

1. General Rules:

>> We look for people who love to sing like us, so if you can't send your parts, you can have an extension. This means that you will receive a few more days (most times a week) and must meet that deadline.

>> People who don't send (after the extension), will be recasted. Sorry if this hurts you, but it’s ridiculously annoying when someone asks for an extension (and it is always granted, believe me) and that person doesn't send. We are perfectly able to understand if you’re having problems with your internet / computer / microphone and can't send, but please, if you request an extension, make sure to fill it to the end. We want to have people really interested in participating here.

2. Recording Rules:

Just to take questions from beginners in the collabs…
>> Please do your best, and I'm serious, no instrumental.
>> If you need an extension, ask and meet the deadline given.
>> Separate your parts like that: 

KPOP - Solos, All, Harmonies, Low Harmonies, Doublés, Adlibs.
JPOP - Solos, Chorus.

3. Submission Rules:
>> The deadline is the date to send. 
>> Extension give you a week more.
>> If you delay without notice us or without ask for an extension, you'll be automatically replaced. You can be replaced if you don't meet the deadline of extension too.

4. Warnings:

We are absolutely being sincere, since this channel have gone into a hiatus because of late parts and people missing with compromise. 
So, this time we'll be very strict with deadlines. If you have problems and need a break, tell to us. If you can't meet the deadline and need a extension, tell to us. If you don't like the song and want to drop to this collab, tell to us

And, if you agree with these rules, audition right now!

The rules have been updated in 08.02.2018

__________♥I Know, You be a superstar!♥__________
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