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Susy Mi Kwang
Susy Mi Kwang

Mensagens : 60
Points : 79135
Prestige : 0
Data de inscrição : 15/07/2012
Idade : 26

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Life with Cover.Entertainmant:
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MensagemAssunto: Staff Positions   Staff Positions I_icon_minitimeDom Out 28, 2012 9:01 am

Cast Group:
** Makes uploads of videos on the channel;
** Composes description of collabs.
** Raise and care of the maintenance of the forum, website and social networking pages.
** Creates new groups.
** Separate letters for collabs.

** You updated status on facebook / google+.
** Make sure to find members to replace those who have left the group.
** Copper parts that lacked.
** Warns users that do not deliver (up to 3 times on the forum).
** Ideas for new projects and choice of music comeback.
** Create new groups, together with ADMIN.
Audio Mixers:

** You should be able to join the audios so that they are nice (especially the chorus).
** Insert effects (which may or may not be in original music).
** Doing remixes.
** All audio should be saved in acapella.
** Delivering a collab within 7 days (or less).
Video Mixers:

** Mix audio and video well.
** Put the name of who sings, when she sings.
** Create FanMv to music that has no performance or that performance does not follow the original version.
** Create entries for each group according to what it covers, including names of members.
** Create intros for events (Christmas, New Year, Easter ...)
** Software: anyone that you are used to.
Grafic Designer:

** Build images covering various groups to the site, forum, channel, facebook and Google+.
** Makes images for videos (background).
** Makes custom signature for each group.


Sayuri (Admin: CEO)
Becka (Co-Owner: )
JoJo (Co-Owner: Lyricist for collabs)
Yoon (Co-Owner: Audio Mixer)
Susy (Co-Owner: Audio/Video Mixer)

__________♥I Know, You be a superstar!♥__________
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Staff Positions
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