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 We're back (again)

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Susy Mi Kwang
Susy Mi Kwang

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MensagemAssunto: We're back (again)   We're back (again) I_icon_minitimeQui Ago 02, 2018 10:02 am

Hi guys~ we're finally back. So, this update is about what new will come and what we'll release in order to keep this channel alive. 

August -September - Octuber

Goodbye stage:

  1. Sweet Girls (White Day, Do You Like Me? Do You Love Me?, Date, Love Is Only You)
  2. LadiesTime (Bug A Boo, Ain't No Other Man, One More Day, Baby Steps)
  3. ChocoLadies (Double Up)
  4. LoveHolic (Saranghae)
  5. Salang Agassi (Vista, Take A Bow, E.R., I Like It, I'm Missing You, I Like It (Eng), Dr. Feel Good)
  6. Sigan (Don't Cha, We Are A Bit Different, The Shadow, Madonna, I Feel Good)
  7. Yeoja Saeng Seung (Love Is Energy, Pandora, Baby Good Night, Elvis)
  8. Yeoja Chingu (Ticket, Stick With U, Sweet Dreams, Wishlist, Star Star Star)
  9. Yeoshin (Lady Marmalade, Because Of You)

After the releases, we'll open a new audition to new groups. They'll be: 

KPOP: All groups with 4 members (main vocal, lead vocal, 2 rappers/vocalists)

  • Cute/Lovely/Ballad - Girlgroup focus.

  • Mature/Sexy/Badass/Ballad - Girlgroup focus.

  • Pop/Upbeat - Boygroup focus.

  • Hip&Hop/R&B - Boygroup focus.

  • Vocal/Legend/Mixed - Boygroups and Girlgroups. Focused in groups as SNSD, DBSK/JYJ, Mamamoo and KARD. 

JPOP: All groups with 6 members (4 vocalists, 2 rappers/vocalists)

  • Anime/OST's: Songs from animes like Naruto, LoveHina and others. 

  • KPOP (to) JPOP: Korean groups who sing in japanese.

  • JPOP: Focused in Hello!Project and AKB48. 

ENGLISH: 4 members (2 vocals, 2 rappers)

  • This group will sing songs by singers/groups like Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes and others.

__________♥I Know, You be a superstar!♥__________
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We're back (again)
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